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Industry 4.0

In this fast-moving technological world, everything is getting better and smarter day by day. Gone is the time, when we had to write the program logic in order to perform some specific task. Nowadays, programmers & researchers are trying to make machines that are self-capable of learning by training them to learn and perform tasks logically like humans. Recently, one such term that’s been in buzz in the industrial market is — Industry Revolution 4.0. Let’s deep dive into details of IR 4.0 and try to understand what it is and how it is revolutionizing the market.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0

Well, Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that mainly focuses on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data analysis. Industry 4.0, is also known as IIoT or Smart Manufacturing. It offers a comprehensive, interlinked, and holistic approach to manufacturing. And, also connects physical with digital, and allows for better collaboration and access across departments, partners, vendors, product, and people. Industry 4.0 enables business owners to better control and understand every aspect of their operation, and allows them to leverage historic data to boost productivity, improve processes, and drive growth.

IIOT is making the manufacturing industry — Smart, More Nimble and Less prone to error!

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