You’ve Heard of IoT and AI, but What is Digital Twin Technology ?


Topics like artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and machine learning are getting lots of hype, but digital twin technology might just be the real game-changer. Digital twin software uses aspects of all the trending tech mentioned (AI, IoT, ML) in a unique way that’s changing the way businesses optimize production and investment, and the big boys are already heavily invested.


A digital twin is a highly advanced simulation that’s used in computer-aided engineering (CAE). It’s a digital duplicate that represents a physical object or process, but it is not intended to replace a physical object; it is merely to inform its optimization. Other terms used to refer to digital twin technology include virtual prototyping, hybrid twin technology, and digital asset management, but digital twin is quickly winning out as the most popular name.

Both NASA and the United States Air Force are planning on using digital twin technology to create future generations of lightweight vehicles that are sturdy and able to haul more than their current counterparts. Goldman Sachs recently examined digital twin technology in their series « The Outsiders, » which seeks to identify « emerging ecosystems on the edge of today’s investable universe. » IBM is already on the digital twin train, combining AR with digital twin optimization and visualization. And SAP recently launched SAP Predictive Engineering Insights, a software product that enables organizations to use digital twin technology for digital asset management.

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Source : Business News Daily

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